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3 Ways to Fall in Love with Mobile Slots & Casinos

Posted by Phil Goulding in Casino News on November 19th, 2014.

There’s no point denying it. When you’ve gotten use to playing on the many stunning online casino games around, loading the usually far simpler Android, or iPhone slots can be disappointing.

Maybe they don’t have the features you’re looking for, maybe the casino only has older games. Or maybe you’ve heard rumours the games weren’t as good and didn’t even give it a try.

We bet plenty fall into that last category.

We’re here to tell you that you gave up far too easily. As such we’ve teamed up with the guys over at, who do nothing but play mobile slots all day and all night. To give you 3 ways to make sure you enjoy your mobile casino experience that little bit more.

1. Find the right slot games for the right device

irst of all, if you have a Windows phone there’s only one software provider that will give you guaranteed gameplay; that’s Play’n Go games.

Also, get yourself an Android or iOS device. Trust us, your life will be far easier in the long run.

Though not as easy as if you own an iPad or iPhone, because every game provider out there loves Apple. So just load and go. You guys are sorted.

For Android casinos you have a few more problems as there’re so many different devices, from Samsung to Sony, so you can’t always guarantee great gameplay.

Your best bet is to load a Microgaming or NetEnt mobile slot and free play it. If they don’t work, the rest probably won’t either.

However, finding a good Android casino isn’t as hard as you might think – especially if you have the latest software update. (Though more on that later)

But if you want a guaranteed good time, there’s only two surefire ways:

1. Try a download mobile casino like mFortune.
2. Head over to a mobile-only casino like Mad About Slots.

They have simpler slots, but they are unlikely to break under bad reception conditions, and they specialise in making the mobile experience as painless as possible.

2. Don’t update your phone software straight away

You know that little sign saying ‘you now have update 1.05.08 waiting’ and you automatically update?


It usually takes most game providers a couple of weeks to catch up with the latest system updates. If you update too early, your favourite mobile casino games may suddenly fail to load, or break or just look naff.

Whilst if you wait a couple of weeks (a month is usually best). All your casino games and even your day to day apps will have a chance to catch up with the latest changes.

3. Use e-Wallets To Play Faster

It may sound like a generic ‘good practise’ if you are going to play at online casinos, but that’s because it is. It’s safer, and your bank / credit card details stay between you and your e-wallet.

But that’s not why we have this tip in this section. The reason you should play on mobile casinos using an e-wallet is far more practical in nature.

Think about the amount of space you have when you’re playing on your mobile phone. Hey, you might even have one of the new Nexus 6 phones with a huge screen. But nevertheless, try typing 14 digits with 100% accuracy, followed by an end and start date, and then another three digit security code.

It’s do-able. But it can be frustrating. Before you’ve even started you’ll have confirmed all those rumours about how annoying playing on your mobile phone can be.

Want to know what’s wonderful about an e-wallet like Neteller or Skrill? You usually only need your email and a password. Simple.

Plus it’s much easier to spot a mistake in your email address which you use every day than on 14 numbers you barely glance at once a month.

Once you’ve set up the e-wallet, you just re-deposit using one little click. It helps that many casinos make payouts faster when you use this deposit method, and you never overspend as you can only deposit what you’ve put in on your gambling e-wallet budget.

So it’s safer, faster, and keeps your budget in check. Win-win all around.

Playing mobile slots shouldn’t be painful

At the end of the day, playing slots on your phone should be like playing on your online desktop. Painless, easy and entertaining.

You will need to do a little research – maybe Google your favourite games to see if they are mobile. You might not realise it, but there are now hundreds and hundreds of video slots available to play on your tablet or phone.

And the best place to start? Go to favourite mobile casino list where we list the best places to gamble on your phone.