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A Review of PokerStars Online Roulette

Posted by Andrew Edwards in Casino News on August 27th, 2015.

The brand name PokerStars is almost fourteen years old. With millions of registered players, and thousands playing on the site at any given moment, it has become a giant in the online gaming world. Recently, by bringing on such well-known ambassadors as Neymar and Cristiano Ronaldo, it strengthened its hold.

It’s been especially true since November, when it launched its online casino gaming experience, starting with Blackjack and Roulette. It rolled out first in Spain, where the online casino gaming community is one of the largest in Europe, and after positive reviews it rolled out its product to Italy and beyond on a market-by-market basis.


Roulette is one of the most popular and engaging online casino games currently on offer online, and when casting a critical eye over the game, it’s important to consider a number of factors. PokerStars’ Roulette is no different and to really paint a comprehensive picture of the software it’s important to review the following; the level of player trust, the ease of entry and use, the game range, and the interactivity.

Level of Player Trust:

With 50 million registered players, PokerStars is already a household name. Thanks to this grounding in the Online Poker community, the brand has been able to transfer both its software prowess and corporate reputation into the casino world.

Indeed, despite being something of an unknown quantity when it comes to casino offerings, options such as PokerStars’ Roulette games have benefited from the process of osmosis. They now boast the same marks of quality that the Poker software has been able to build up over the last decade.

Of course, the evolution of PokerStars hasn’t always been met with approval from hardcore Poker players. However, despite initial fears that casino games would taint the Poker side of the brand, quite the opposite appears to be true as one option now serves as a complement to the other.

Ease of Entry:

To ensure the transition from Poker to Roulette is as smooth as possible, PokerStars has created a single wallet. It means players have one bankroll that can be used to play all manner of games without having to transfer funds between different accounts.

Thanks to this system, existing players have been able to move effortlessly into the new casino games without having to create new accounts or player identities. Naturally, anyone without an account must register their details and have them confirmed before they can ante-up for real money at PokerStars.


Joining the action is as simple as clicking on the “Casino” tab and following the options that lead into the Roulette lobby. Once at the table the software allows players to have their individual icons if it’s a multi-player table, and the software is fast and efficient.

If there’s one criticism of the software, it’s the speed at which multiplayer games run. Although the number rolls in quickly and the bets are settled instantly, the time players are given in-between rounds is over generous. One of the main benefits of playing online Roulette is the number of revolutions you’re able to complete in a minute. Although the speed is by no means slow, the game does seem to run less quickly than they should.

Ease of Use:

PokerStars launched mobile apps, compatible with iOS and Android devices, back in November. Giving players instant action to Roulette wherever they are, these apps have quickly become a staple option for seasoned gamers.

Operating in the same way as the desktop software, players must first sign-in using their existing account credentials, enter the “Casino” tab and join the Roulette game of their choice. Although the software is currently being rolled out across Europe, some users will find it frustrating that PokerStars’ Roulette games are only available via native apps.

Although web-based Flash products are somewhat dated, they still have a place in the iGaming world, and many users like to have the option of how they access games through their mobile. Indeed, it may sometimes be the case that users are unable to download the apps because their device is out of memory. In situations like this, a potential player may be forced to make a decision they don’t wish to make.

Web-based mobile games also tend to require less processing power which means they are less demanding on a user’s mobile device and data. However, this often means the quality suffers, and the gaming experience is less enjoyable. For PokerStars, it seems quality was the main consideration they released their mobile product.

Roulette’s Betting Options:

One of the most appealing aspects of these Roulette games is the range of betting option. Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned bettor or a casual spinner, the board offers a myriad of low-cost options and high-risk wagers. This variety is one of the main reasons Roulette is such as popular game and that’s helped PokerStars‘ selection of games become hugely popular in the last few months.

Although the range of betting options is second to none, the betting limits may feel somewhat restrictive for novices.

Virtual games have a minimum stake of $0.10 for inside bets that are competitive. However, the live dealer tables (games that connect the player with a real life dealer operating in a remote location) cost a significant amount more.

While it’s true that these games cost more to run, the fact that the minimum inside bet is $0.50 might be enough to put some players off. Conversely, at the other end of the spectrum, the maximum betting limit of $100 per spin on the virtual tables might not be enough to satisfy seasoned gamblers.


Highly Interactive and Personal:

One thing that ensures that the Roulette players have an interactive and personal experience is the live chat function. Players have a choice between single-player, multi-player or live Roulette, which means they can be as sociable or reclusive as they wish. One of the main reasons online Roulette (moreover casino games in general) have become popular is the ability to interact and chat with players and dealers.

However, this system does have its drawbacks. Often you will get some players being obnoxious in the chat box. Another slight criticism of these live dealer games is that the dealers can often rush the action along a little too much. Although they are pleasant enough, some appear to force a smile, and they often don’t allow much time in between rounds. However, this is fairly standard when playing in a real casino so perhaps it comes with the territory of choosing a human dealer.

Also, although there has to a line drawn when spinning the wheel, it seems that there is some variation between the dealers when it comes to timing.


PokerStars’ Roulette: Competitive in Online Gaming?

Overall, PokerStars’ Roulette cannot help but have a competitive edge in online gaming. The brand is well-known, which means players respect and trust the games. Moreover, it is also relatively easy to play Roulette in comparison to other online casino games. However, for those that aren’t familiar with the game, there are free guides within the platform.

Although there are some downsides to the software, such as timing issues in certain games and restrictive betting limits. The general quality of PokerStars’ Roulette is high, and the options should appeal to punters of all persuasions.