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Irish Lotto Shooting for €10 Million Target

Posted by Phil Goulding in Casino News on September 15th, 2015.

It might be one of the smaller nations in the world, but when it comes to lottery games, Ireland is a leader in its field. Although some of the jackpots might not be able to eclipse those generated by larger lotteries such as the Powerball in the US, the Irish lottery has become a favourite for players of all persuasions thanks to its odds of winning.

Unlike other lotteries, Ireland’s native game offers greater scope for winning. However, all that appears to be changing according to recent reports. When the Lotto had its launch in 1987, it tasked players with choosing a six number combination from 39 possible numbers.

Positive Changes for the Irish Lotto?

sean image 1

by Sean MacEntee.

It then changed to 45 numbers in recent years, but at the start of September 2015 things changed again as two more numbers were introduced. Premier Lotteries Ireland (PLI) is now in charge of the Irish Lotto, and they plan to introduce a raft of changes, including a price increase in the future.

However, the immediate change is the inclusion of two new numbers that will take a player’s chances of winning to 11 million to 1. However, in reality this probably won’t deter too many players from anteing up because, according to experts, a €10-million jackpot is a sweet spot for lotteries.

National Lottery data suggests ticket sales can jump 80% when the jackpot is €10 million, so the new bosses will now be pushing for this target on a regular basis. On top of this, speculating on the Irish Lotto over the Internet has now become big business.

Irish Lottery Betting Online to Help Drive Sales:

lisa image 3

by  Lisa Brewster.

By visiting sites such as Lottoland, it’s possible to place Irish lottery bets and win real money from the comfort of your computer. From as little as £2 you can pick you own numbers or have the system do it for you using a “quick pro” strategy. By doing this, you’ll have a 1 in 29 chance of winning a prize and for just £0.50 extra you can win two smaller jackpots worth £360,000 and £140,000 respectively.

Essentially, playing the lottery online has helped bring more youngsters into the game, and that should be enough to push the jackpot towards the magical €10-million mark. In fact, while some might scoff at the recent changes to the Irish Lotto, it’s likely these alterations could end up making it a more desirable prospect for many more gamblers in the coming months.