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Real Money Casinos vs Social Casinos

Posted by Andrew Edwards in Casino News on July 22nd, 2014.

The main thing real money online casinos have had to contend with over the last couple of years is not the rapid advances in technology, but the emergence of social casinos.

Social casinos are casinos that are linked to your social media account, allowing you to play with or against friends, competing for high scores and trading benefits like coins to level up. But most importantly, the main attraction of social casinos is that they allow you to play your favourite games for free! Social casinos are sometimes known as ‘just for fun’ casinos as there’s no real cash to win.

It is great for those new to casino games who wish to learn, polish up and practice their skills. Similarly, those with no real interest in gambling or winning big find social casinos preferable to real money ones. However, the main draw to most people in casino gaming (whether online or on the casino floor) is to be a high-roller, win big and become rich!

For many casino enthusiasts or social gamblers, the whole point of online casinos is to seek the thrill of a big win, and hopefully end your game with your pockets significantly heavier than when you started! It’s for this reason that real money casinos still thrive – and there are plenty of them out there to choose from, such as Euro Casino and Hippodrome Casino.

Lots of sites offer enticing bonuses or great loyalty schemes to keep playing with them, so everyone’s a winner in the long run. If you’re keen to try an online casino that will let you win real cash, visit this site for real money casino list. You’ll find all you need to know about real money casinos here.

For as long as people are thrilled by the thought of a big win, real money casinos will continue to stand strong against social casinos.