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Casino News

Skill Games Moving in on Traditional Slots

Posted by Phil Goulding in Casino News on May 8th, 2015.

The National Indian Gaming Association Tradeshow attracted thousands in April as vendors in the gaming industry gathered to win over the tribal gaming groups in the US. Gamblit Gaming was one of the companies present, and their goal at the show was not even to increase market share, but to find their first customers. The company has created a line-up of games that take skill gaming to a new level, combining popular games like Scrabble and Angry Birds and allowing real and virtual currencies to be wagered.

The games are designed to attract games from the age group of 18 to 35 instead of targeting those that play traditional slots at casinos. Almost 178 million US gamers are Generation X and Millennials and only 7% of them play slot games. It is a statistic that is concerning, especially to the tribal gaming industry. With new skill games, more players will play, opening up the market and drawing those younger players back into casinos by offering skill games over traditional slots.

These concerns are also being taken into consideration in Nevada, where a new bill, SB9, would allow gaming officials to oversee the addition of skill games to casinos. The offering of video game-like games and skill games would attract younger gamblers.

If new bills pass, the gaming floors at many casinos will soon be loaded with slot games that play like skill games, offering players the ability to use skills instead of relying on chance to win. Slots from major companies like Bally and Gamblit Gaming would offer arcade style games that are similar to Angry Birds and Skee-Ball.

The change in regulations would open the market and would allow for younger players to enter casinos and play games that are attractive instead of having the same traditional slot choices. Younger players enjoy a different type of gaming and by offering skill games for wagers, there is a great chance of attracting the younger generation to major casinos throughout the US.

Even though players are not keen on games that require the repeated push of a button, many young and old players turn to playing slot machines on the web for their chance to gamble from home and win money. Despite these games being available on desktops and mobile devices, younger players are simply seeking a different type of game. For many that have visited casinos in the past, these online slots are attractive and appealing, but overall, slot machines are dying out as younger players are entering the gambling scene.