Blood Suckers

To quote Van Helsing himself, “She lives beyond the grace of God, a wanderer in the outer darkness. She is ‘vampyr’, ‘nosferatu’. These creatures do not die like the bee after the first sting but instead grow strong and become immortal once infected by another Nosferatu. So, my friends we fight not one beast, but legions that go on age after age after age, feeding on the blood of the living.”

Bram Stoker eat your heart out. Perhaps literally! Blood Suckers is fun but a basic five-reel slots game with a vampiric theme to it! The sound of the howling night winds serenades you as you venture into the realm of the creatures of the night.

Roll the slots with a minimum bet of just €0.02 if you’re faint of heart or brave the ghoulish horrors with a fearsome maximum bet of €50! Up to 25 bet lines are available for you to maximise your horrible hoardings. With winnings dealt to you either by the creatures of the night whom you find yourself face to face with at every spin. Or by the vampire hunter’s tools of the trade: garlic, silver arrows, a Bible and a bottle of holy water. Perfect to cleanse your reels of undead horrors.

For a truly wild time playing Blood Suckers, the wild symbols that rise out of the darkness show a dark vampire lord feeding off his latest hapless victim. The wild symbols will substitute any to help in your winnings, except the scatter and bonus tiles.

Scatter tiles too, pop up with shrieking vampire brides emblazoned on them. Draw a line of scatters at Blood Suckers, and you may win free slot spins, and if the vampire brides favour you further, they may reappear and grant you even more as the reels roll. During free spins, your winnings are multiplied threefold. Well, after all, these things always come in threes, now don’t they? So the third special tile is the bonus tile, giving you the chance to stake vampires for further winnings. Creep around the crypt to foreboding music, telling off your precarious predicament and open the coffins to stake their residents and win their coins. But be careful. Open an empty coffin and your time is up!

Your winnings are greeted by suitably atmospheric jingles, befitting of Doctor Van Helsing himself, while wilds greet you with harpsichord music, which would make even count Dracula smile a whimsical and blood-curdling smile. All in all, Blood Suckers offers a tempting set of winnings and, despite the lack of a major jackpot, you’ll still be lured back for more. Be wary, foolish traveller, and take care not to stray from the path, lest you be lost forever to the horrors of the night. And when you take leave to have your rest, do take care, won’t you? And have pleasant dreams.

Reels & Pay lines:

At Blood Suckers, there are five reels and up to 25 pay-lines, depending how many you choose.


Playtech powers Blood Suckers.

Progressive jackpot:

No progressive jackpot is available in the Blood Suckers slot.

Wild / Bonus / Scatters:

Wilds at Blood Suckers slot are available but appear as single tiles only, with no additional substitutions. Bonus tiles drawn along a pay-line will let you play the vampire hunting bonus game, and scatter tiles along a pay-line will grant you free spins.

Our Conclusion:

If you fancy yourself as a vampire slayer, then Blood Suckers slot is perfect for you. We found this game very enjoyable, and the game characters, symbols and graphics make this game a little scary. Although the graphics are not the latest 3D ones, that are available in some of the newer video slots. The sounds of are very eerie and the for a standard 5-reel slot this is worth a spin or two. When you join Unibet casino, you get a 100% first deposit bonus, so you even get to play with some free money.