Boom Brothers

Hey bro, Check this out! Oh man, this is going to be such a blast! You’re welcomed to the underground mines of this game by a cinematic animation of the crazed Boom Brothers. Three dwarves who live in the dark mines, digging for diamonds in the best way they know how – with plenty of explosives! Boom Brothers is a fun five reel slots game with 20 pay lines to net yourself plenty of the mine’s riches. Go prospecting with a minimum bet of €0.20, or go all out with a maximum dynamite bet of €100.

The biggest payouts come if you can catch up with the Boom Brothers themselves, who’re more than happy to share the riches they’ve excavated. But you have to catch them first. This game features plenty of bonuses to help you dig for glittering prizes, the first of which is a random second chance feature. If you don’t win anything, you have a chance that the Boom Brothers will let you re-roll for free with one of the four-second chance features. It gives you the opportunity for everything from re-spinning a single tile to re-rolling up to three whole reels. After all, hunting for wealth down here in the mines is what the brothers do best.

The wild symbols in Boom Brothers are truly explosive, featuring one of the brothers’ handy little handheld explosives. If the Rail track tiles come up, you have a chance to win big. Three rail tracks give you twice the winnings. Four Rail tracks and you’ll win three times as much. But if you get lucky and draw five Rail tracks, you’ll not only multiply your winnings by 4x, but you’ll also get to play the bonus game. If you get three Rail tracks, you’ll have a chance to spin for the remaining two where you can ride the tracks to find the treasure. In the bonus, each of the dwarves has to ride his cart to the prize at the end of the tracks. Pick a cart from the mine train to see who moves.

Get a dwarf all the way to the end of his track to excavate the gold and jewels and win whatever prize is available to you. Of course, high-explosive action ensues. If you strike gold and get free spins in the game, you’re bound to win some glittering prizes. Clean three or more free spins tiles and each one will give you a random number of free spins. While playing free spins, all your winnings are tripled, and any more free spins tiles you draw will add a further random number of spins to your game.

All in all, Boom Brothers is great fun, with plenty of chances to find the riches deep within the brothers’ mine. Just to be careful when playing with those matches, ok?

Reels & Pay lines:

There are five chain link reels with 20 pay lines available.


NetEnt powers Boom Brothers

Progressive jackpot:

No progressive jackpot is available in the Boom Brothers Slot.

Wild / Bonus / Scatters:

At Boom Brothers wilds are available without any additional conversions, and scatters are available as the Free Spin tiles, granting you a random number of free spins if you roll three or more. Bonus tiles are available in the form of Rail tracks, where five Rail Tracks lets you play the bonus game.

Any no-win rolls may also give a random second chance re-roll.

Our Conclusion:

Boom indeed, what an explosive slot Boom Brothers turned out to be, even the game intro is fun and inviting. The game itself is loads of fun with outstanding 3D graphics and funny characters. It’s easy to set your bets, whether that is by how much money you chose to spin or how many lines. They cap the jackpot for this game at Bgo Casino but it’s still worth a few spins, we are sure you will enjoy it as much as we did.