Jack Hammer 2

Jack Hammer 2 vs. Evil Dr Wüten puts you straight into the pages of a comic book as a crime-fighting gumshoe Jack Hammer. It is a five reel slot game with a difference, as each spin gives you a page from a comic book instead of the usual set of spinning reels. 25 pay-lines are available on the five reels, and characters from the story hold all the moolah. The highest sum is held by Jack Hammer himself, with Dr Wüten coming second; you will see the lowest sums held by other characters and objects from the plot. Such as a ringing telephone with a hot tip or Wüten’s dreadful dirigible of doom.

Every win rewards you with the kind of saxophone music you could sip your whisky too while chatting with the dames to get any insider info on the whereabouts of that conniving Dr Wüten. She may just have some advice for you if the Doc doesn’t get to her first. Or maybe you can ask the paperboy. He’s selling papers fresh off the press for a nickel each, and whatever reporter’s been writing this news, he’s bound to know more than he’s letting on!

The Betting starts as low as just €0.25 while you’re still scouting for clues. But as the trail heats up, you may be tempted to throw caution to the wind with a headstrong but dangerous €250 maximum bet!

The most interesting feature of Jack Hammer 2 slot game is the sticky win.

Where you get a winning bet line, or you find yourself with three or more free spin tiles, the sticky win is activated. These freeze frames the winning tiles and re-rolls the others, giving you a chance to win big. The more winning tiles you draw, the more sticky wins that roll, meaning you have a chance to clear the whole board if luck is on your side.

Other bonuses are the wild tile, able to substitute for anything except free spins. Things are bound to get wild at Jack Hammer 2 when you roll up with these babies. Or uncover a set of ticking time bombs and then free spin your way out of danger. If you can land yourself 5 or more free spin tiles, you’ll be spinning yourself to victory, with more tiles getting you more spins. Combined with the sticky win feature, this gives you the chance to get up to 15 free spin tiles at once, giving you a maximum of 30 free spins, Wow! Not just that, but they triple all wins on free spins! It looks like your ship is about to come in, kid.

So it looks like the fate of the city is in your hands. And if you ask us, there are too many deadbeats dirtying up the place if you know what we’re saying. So make sure your six shooters’s fully loaded and tell the bartender to keep the change if he can give you any hot tips. You never know when that rotten Dr Wüten might show up, but you know that when he does, he’s bringing trouble with him.

Reels & Pay lines:

There are five comic books styled reels with 25 pay lines in Jack Hammer 2.


Playtech powers Jack Hammer 2, it is also available to play at BGO Casino.

Progressive jackpot:

No progressive jackpot is available in Jack Hammer 2 slot.

Wild / Bonus / Scatters:

Wilds on Jack Hammer 2 are available without any additional conversions, and scatters are available as the Free Spin tiles. No extra bonuses are available, but the game has the sticky win feature instead.

Our Conclusion:

Jack Hammer 2 is a very cool comic book themed slot game. The bright, vibrant colours and sound effects are inviting and fun. Unfortunately, there are no 3D graphics here unlike some of the latest video slots, but the cartoon style theme is just as good, if not better that some of the latest slots. JackHammer doesn’t have a huge progressive jackpot, but there are still lots of ways to win big. So if you fancy a bit of nostalgia and a lot of gaming fun, then this is the slot for you.