Mamma Mia

Mamma Mia is not about a Swedish four-piece or for that matter a girl trying to track down her biological father. It’s themed around an Italian kitchen, where you must help the chef prepare for a make-or-break visit from a restaurant critic.

If you’re a fan of food, this is an online slot for you, with bonus rounds that read more like menus than win line combinations. There’s plenty of flexibility in Mamma Mia too, with the ability to create wild card symbols at will – more about that below.

Free Spins:

Line up three pizzas, and you unlock the Free Spins mode – all of the symbols on the five reels turn into pizza toppings and the reels re-spin for free. Land on a winning combination and the appropriate ingredient is added to the pizza by the animated chef in the corner of the screen.

Once you run out of free spins, he’ll bake it up and see how much you won in total – usually enough to trigger the celebratory ‘Big Win’ animation, too.

Lockable Wilds:

The lockable wilds feature is an impressive addition to Mamma Mia giving you the ability to create wildcards anywhere you choose on the reels. These can be locked in and, for an extra cost on top of your original wager, you can spin the rest of the symbols. Safe in the knowledge that your chosen space will land a wild card.

Particularly good to see is an automatic warning if your added wilds take your total wager to more than five times its original stake. Make sure you click the smaller ‘lock & spin’ buttons if you want to lock in the wilds. Otherwise, they’ll automatically unlock and spin with the rest of the symbols.

Critic Bonus Round:

Show three menus across the reels, and you’re into the Critic Bonus Round, where you must choose which dish to serve to the food critic. He’ll rate you out of five stars on several criteria, and your overall score decides your payout – again, usually enough to reward you with the ‘Big Win’ animation.

Food Cover Click Me:

When three or more food covers appear on the reels in any position, the Click Me feature is activated – simply click on one of the covers to find out your prize.

Big Wins:

It’s only an animation. But it’s worth mentioning that, every time you hit it big in a single win or a combination of wins on the same spin, you’ll be greeted by a fanfare and a fountain of banknotes.

You should welcome this as it obviously means you’ve just had a particularly successful spin. But after a while it can slow things down, so be sure to keep your patience if it pops up time and time again in the middle of a lucky streak!


BetSoft powers Mamma Mia & is available at Video Slots.

Pay lines / Reels:

Mamma Mia has thirty potential pay-lines across five reels so players can play across as many as they like.

Wild / Bonus / Scatter:

Mamma Mia contains all three of the above, improved lockable wilds and a free spins feature.

Progressive Jackpot:

Mamma Mia slot features no progressive jackpot

Min / Max Bet per spin:

Minimum Coin: 0.02
Maximum Coin: 1.00

Our Conclusion:

Here a Mad About Casinos we found Mamma Mia! to be a funny and well-themed online slot with plenty of bonus features, so we couldn’t not recommend it. The 3D software makes this game stand out, from the loveable Chef ‘egging’ you on to the symbols jumping out of the screen, like the waiter taking your order. We found ‘The Lockable Wilds’ feature gives you excellent control if you’re willing to bet big on the chance of a big win.